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Decorative Crosses It's A Thing

I have always loved decorative crosses. Every which way  -Maltese, Celtic, Egyptian, Cross Anchor, Botonee, Greek, and the list goes on.

As a fashion statement, it's something that's a forever piece. On its own or with multiple chains.

When you add gemstones it just makes it more special. Each cross has its exclusive nuance.

The fun with making crosses is that it starts with a couple of crossed lines and the field is wide open for interpretation. Curved, straight, and angular lines all have their special essence. Decorative touches - whether with a decorative stamp or the touch of a gemstone.

Then the choice of bail and all the styles of chains. Whew!

Crosses have been around since the beginning of time. Such a classic, timeless statement. Each one is beautiful in its own right.  

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