Everyday jewelry for women who love high quality handmade artisan pieces. Elegant, feminine, timeless just like you.


     I believe in living with my heart and soul & spreading those feelings to other people. My daily ritual is to make each person's life I come into contact with a little brighter. The world can be a difficult place and it's my way of making a dent in it.

     People tell me that my jewelry feels good and I hope by wearing it you'll be reminded to be kind to others. This is my soul's calling & my jewelry is just another way of expressing it. And so Heart & Soul Designs was born

     I always had a love of design, whether fashion, interior or graphic. I received a degree in graphic design. Colors, textures and patterns have always fascinated me. My love affair began when I combined my passion for color with my love of jewelry.

     My dad taught me to shoot for the moon because you'll still be among the stars!