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    I always had a love of design, whether fashion, interior or graphic. I received a degree in graphic design. Colors, textures and patterns have always fascinated me. My love affair began when I combined my passion for color with my love of jewelry.

So in 1995 Heart & Soul Designs was born. This is my soul's calling & my jewelry is just another way of expressing it. It's been my sole income and I so appreciate you appreciating me. Being able to make my living creating beautiful, long lasting jewelry with my hands has been such a joy to me. 

     People tell me that my jewelry feels good and I hope you feel the same way when wearing it. I only use Swarovski crystals but I'm unable to use the word Swarovski in my listings. 

All of my pieces are handmade by me. I'm never at a loss for new designs, they just come naturally. I start by combining a few different elements and a design shows up. I carefully look at my designs as I'm creating them and make subtle changes along the way to perfection. 

I believe in living with my heart and soul & spreading those feelings to others.  My daily ritual is to make each person's life I come into contact with a little brighter. The world can be a challenging place and it's my way of giving back.

My dad taught me to shoot for the moon because you'll still be among the stars! Thanks Dad!

One fun fact about me - I'm a big animal lover and I'm the Mom to an Australian Cattle dog rescue. She was returned four times before I got her. I have tried my best to make her feel loved & safe.

I thought "Why not start giving her belly rubs?" Well it's working so well that she'll just get into position - on her back - front legs folded - head off to the side like she's ready to receive some love. Like I said it's working!