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Hand Stamping - Engraving - Decorating by Hand - Texturizing

Hand stamping has a rich history that dates back centuries.

In medieval times, hand stamping became more refined and was embraced by artisans and craftsmen.

Metalworkers, blacksmiths, and jewelers used stamps to mark their creations with intricate designs, logos, or symbols, signifying the artisan's identity or the quality of their work. playing a significant role in various cultures and industries.

Take a look at one of the designs I created with one of my favorite texturizing tools.

The practice involves using a tool or implements to manually mark or imprint a surface, often for identification, decoration, or record-keeping purposes.

I have collected many tools for texturing metal along the way. Some of my favorite tools are hundreds of years old. Many were gifted to me by older craftsmen or jewelers who no longer use them. 

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