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Why Do Cats Love Squares?

Hunkering down in small, enclosed spaces is a kind of "swaddling" behavior left over from cuddling up with their moms and littermates when they were kittens.
1. Cats are natural hunters and predators. In the wild, they seek out safe and enclosed spaces to hide, observe, and stalk their prey. Boxes provide a similar sense of security, allowing cats to observe their surroundings while feeling protected.
2. Cardboard is an excellent insulator, and cats are known to seek out warm places for relaxation. The confined space of a box retains the cat's body heat, creating a cozy and warm environment.
3. The tendency for cats to hunker down in small, enclosed spaces is reminiscent of their behavior as kittens. 
4. Enclosed spaces can also serve as stress-reducing environments for cats.
5. Cats are territorial animals, and boxes can serve as a designated territory for them.