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Kingman Turquoise 14 Karat Gold Filled Beads With Swaerovski Crystals Ankle Bracelet
King Turquoise Gold Filled Beads & swarovski Crystal Ankle Bracelet
Kingman Turquoise Gold Filled Beads swarovski Crystal Anklet

Kingman Turquoise Crystal Gold Ankle Bracelet

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The Kingman Turquoise mine is one of the oldest and highest producing turquoise mines in America. It was originally discovered by prehistoric Indians well over 1000 years ago. Kingman Turquoise is known for its beautiful sky blue color and produces many variations of blue turquoise.

Featured with sparkly crystals and 14 karat gold filled beads.

My anklets are lightweight, durable and very comfortable.

Enjoy. 10 1/4 unless otherwise needed.